Neeti Gokhalay is a 4th year Visual Communication student at Srishti School of Art Design & Technology in Bangalore, India. She does not enjoy talking about herself in third person, but finds it simpler to say good things about herself this way.

Neeti is extremely passionate and open minded about design. Creativity and innovation coupled with hard work and perseverance are her strenghts. She loves a good challenge. A strong balance between conceptualisation and execution, within a time frame, is what she believes in.

Neeti also loves going old school style, she still believes in using the age old tool – the pencil, for her projects. It's something her ancestors used and she isn't scared to use it aswell.

Neeti loves to collaborate and work with people, be it for specific projects or just something that is self-initiated. If you would like to collaborate with her or just want to discuss an idea, please drop a note. She's always looking for something interesting and exciting to do.

Neeti always seems to have something to say and loves a good conversation!

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